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# LibreOffice AppImage Helper - `loaih` #
LibreOffice AppImage Helper is an enhanced Python porting from [previous work
from Antonio
Faccioli]( It helps
building a LibreOffice AppImage from officially released .deb files with some
## Installing the package ##
[![Build Status](](
You can much more easily install the package via the produced wheel in the
[Releases](/libreitalia/loaih/releases/) page. Once downloaded, you can
install the utility with `pip`
$ pip install ./loaih-*.whl
You can also clone the repository and build the app yourself, which is as easy
$ pip install wheel
$ git clone
$ cd loaih
$ python bdist_wheel
$ pip install dist/loaih*.whl
## Using the package ##
The package will install a single command, `loaih`, which should help you
build your own version of the AppImage. Here's some usage scenarios.
## Getting options and help ##
You can ask the app some information on how you can use it:
$ loaih --help
$ loaih getversion --help
$ loaih build --help
### Finding metadata on a specific version ###
You can use the command `getversion` and a specific query:
$ loaih getversion fresh
$ loaih getversion still
### Building a one-time AppImage ###
You can build yourself an AppImage with specific options:
$ loaih build -C -a x86_64 -l it -r . -o fresh
This will build an AppImage for the latest "Fresh" version, built for 64-bit
operating systems, with Italian as the only language, with Offline Help,
signed and updatable in the current folder.
For other build options, please see `loaih build --help` which should be
pretty complete.
### Batch building of a set of AppImages ###
This is less documented, but if the *query* parameter to the `build` command
is a YAML file (see references of it in the repository), this will loop
through the various options and create a complete set of builds based on some
$ loaih build fresh.yml
This is the main way the community builds found at the [LibreOffice AppImage
Repository]( are produced.